(intangible) cultural heritage and intellectual property law

My work at the intersection of (intangible) cultural heritage and IP law has become firmly established over recent years. Three projects have focused my attention: Invisible Difference: Dance, Disability and Law, RICHES and E-Space which have each, in different ways, highlighted for me the important research questions at play. This has led to a series of projects that I am currently working on: an edited collection – Intangible Cultural Heritage and contemporary practice: a law and heritage exploration – that will be published by Edward Elgar in 2018; an associated AHRC responsive mode funding application to work with a theatre practitioner and create a performance examining ICH (nearly ready…); on-going discussions with ICH policy specialists to host a round table symposium to map the intersections between ICH and IP; and intriguing discussions with an economist at Paris1 who has been working on data visualisations for the ICH sector in France – could we do the same for the UK? And this is only the tip of the iceberg!

– Charlotte Waelde

Images of (intangible) cultural heritage in Namibia and Bhutan, by Charlotte Waelde.


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