The choreography of our lives now happens in front of screens and in relationship to screens. I would like to propose a series of investigations that take this interstitial space – between human and screen – as a site for choreographic thinking and discovery. I am not interested in a critique of the human relationship to technology, but rather to draw attention to the rhythms, timings, and spaces of the ways in which we interface with screens. Indeed, this word – interface or “between faces” – speaks to the heart of this (proposed) research. What is the choreographic nature of this between?

Central to these various processes, possibilities and questions is the desire to contribute to how our understanding of the body – our bodies – is changing with the hyper-presence of mediated experiences. I would like to explore how these ideas can be distilled and communicated: as films, as conversations with artists/filmmakers/choreographers, and as workshops and presentations about independence, the body, and choreographing our lives on – and in front of – screens.

— Simon Ellis


3 Replies to “screens”

  1. That’s so funny- yesterday I re-installed a piece of ‘break activity monitor software’ because I noticed I got so sucked into my computer for hours on end… That creates an interesting dance of reflection about the way time flows and flies… It’s freely downloadable here:!

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  2. Have you read Franco Berardi’s The Soul at Work: from Alienation to Autonomy? I am reading it at the moment and it seems quite relevant about how we have become cognitive workers in relation to screens in a digital age, but he can be a little negative!


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