emilie gallier – implication

I worked for the past week together with Fazle Shairmohamed in preparation for and then within the TaPRA conference in Bristol. We presented the silent lecture Read. Move. Implicated. This lecture is the place for us to investigate the impact of the movement of reading on spectators. (My PhD research investigates the movement of writing and the movement of reading in order to better understand their possible impact on the spectator’s qualities of participation).

This presentation in Bristol closes two years of performing this silent lecture in 5 different conferences. Experiments within conferences informed my research about implication as a quality of participation resulting from the movement of reading. Spectators of ‘Read. Move. Implicated.’ contributed to the research by writing with a few words their experience of the movement of reading (that took place during the lecture). Contributions can be read at writingreadingmovement.tumblr.com/post/150395731844/my-lecture-was-about-and-its-title-could-be.

I look at this 5th performance in Bristol as the hinge toward further developments of my research on implication. For the first time, Fazle and I introduced the glossary of inceptions for spectators of lectures; this glossary resulted from the editing of the words given by spectators (bridging content, gathering words). As of today, this glossary aims both at telling what is implication about, and at being the source material for dreaming practices. The dreaming is for this research an approach of the movement of reading, that might further inform the nature of the implication resulting from it.

– Emilie Gallier

Originally published on 14 September 2016 at writingreadingmovement.tumblr.com/post/150396207119/implication




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