claire ridge – rupturing representation

I am researching the potential of the image to rupture representation, so that it produces a queer, durational and feminist mode of seeing. In late capitalist image-based culture we are constantly interrupted by quick cuts, pop-ups, multiple screens and switching between internet tabs. Brian Massumi argues in his text ‘The Autonomy of Affect’, that in each jerk or slip in the movement of an image-event we feel the affect of it’s multiple potential pasts, presents and futures. Through a performance practice, I am exploring ways of reappropriating these methods, which are common in film, TV and internet media, to research how they may rupture the linear, singular and progressual time of representational structures and produce queer temporalities. How might they be used to open up into other times and repressed or revised queer, feminist and minor histories?

– Claire Ridge

20161218 - ridge blog - MA2015_CLAIRE_RIDGE_198.jpg

In Your Honour (Live Shot), 2015, image courtesy of Ludovich Des Cognet


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