kate marsh – hardest to capture

I have just spent a week based in the Institute for Creative Enterprise working on research and filming that is project of the Invisible Difference, Dance, Disability and Law project. We were a group of four, bringing with us a wealth of diverse experience; we are also all old friends with a lot of stories and shared encounters. What kept popping up for me was the question of what speaks louder, the talking or the doing?

What I really wanted to show through the week and in the resulting film was what we know and how we work with each other. What became very clear is that the things that seem most important are the hardest to capture or articulate.

I became aware of every shared glance or in-joke, every silent gesture somehow understood by each other; but how does this translate in a useful way to those who don’t know us? We referred often to a ‘shorthand’ or a shared vocabulary that was central to our practice. I await eagerly for responses to our film and how these moments are interpreted and what they offer.

– Kate Marsh


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