mapping the digital unconscious

I am researching how mapping the digital unconscious might liberate practice from unhelpful categorizations. I am concerned with the digital sublime: isolating moments hidden from the natural eye in pursuit of what Walter Benjamin calls ‘the optical unconscious’. I adopt an anti-technophobic position, whereby technology is embraced to find hidden traces in movement, uncovering unperceived digital details. The hyper-presence of screens and proliferation of media are increasingly widespread phenomena. We have never had more ways to watch dance on screen or watch our screens dance. The idealized audience, fixed context and ‘correct’ method of making and viewing work are becoming almost impossible in this era of hyper-connectivity. My work employs video, photography, and real-time editing software to capture and re-choreograph, isolate and explore previously unperceived aesthetic phenomena.

My practice is interested in finding frozen moments, ‘stills’ from within moving image sequences and repositioning them in an attempt to trouble the audiences’ position by creating new temporalities and new digital objects.

– Carol Breen

20170215 - Mapping.jpg

Still from Mapping Multiplication
Dancer: Janina Smith


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