Digital Echoes 2017: dance data – libraries and processes

Digital Echoes 2017 explores the generation, uses, and distribution of digital dance data. We ask critical questions stemming from the re-forming and re-contextualisation of dance through digitisation, about its effect on the ontology, form, and potentials of dance (and data), about dance digitisation as an emergent practice and what it may mean for future artistic and academic endeavours, for spectatorship, education and disciplinary exchange. The event will include presentations from Maaike Bleeker and Scott deLahunta, and the UK launch of Bleeker’s edited collection Transmission in Motion: The Technologizing of Dance. The participants in Digital Echoes will explore three key themes: Understanding/Context, Enrichment/Engagement, and Circulation. There will also be 5 minute triggers from various individuals with different interests and expertise.

When: Friday 10 March 2017
Where: Coventry University’s ICE Building
Participants: 50 scholars, artists, and engineers from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

Images: Deborah Hay’s No Time To Fly (2010), courtesy Motion Bank, The Forsythe Company


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