margie medlin – australian residencies

In February I undertook two residencies in Australia researching concepts for a public art project, which links incidental spectators with large-scale video dance projections and mobile technologies. At the Substation in Melbourne I focused on media design and software. I also hung-out in the Altona Gate Mall, the proposed location for the work, asking shoppers if they wanted to contribute to my research by talking to me about the ways they use their smart phones. While at Critical Path in Sydney I worked with dance makers Vicki Van Hout, Patrick Lucky Lartey and video artist Martin Fox exploring, how movement inside a projection frame expands viewer’s perceptions of the space both inside and outside of the fame. We developed and documented dance phrases that explored notions of an unstable-ground and visibility through masking, persistence and the occupation of space.

– Margie Medlin


Dancers Vicki Van Hout, Patrick Lucky Lartey


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