rosemary lee – reflecting and planning

This year is both a reflective time and one of planning as yet unmade and un-curated events in late 2018/2019. It seems I am teasing out strands of research whilst at the same time weaving them together in a Penelope like fashion.

I am writing and thinking about Calling Tree created with Simon Whitehead – a bespoke durational performance in and for a mature tree(s) in an urban setting. I am contemplating the relationship the work and I develop with its context and audience of strangers passing by and how and why my daily practice of talking to everyone who looked at the tree was so valuable. My desire to place artistic process in the everyday, in a public space raises artistic, ethical, political and philosophical questions about its affects on the various communities that share the space with the tree. Colleagues Eline Kieft, PhD student Cathy Washbrooke (who both observed some of the process of creating Calling Tree for St George’s Garden, Bloomsbury) and I are collating our thoughts for future writing and presentations.

I continue my curiosity about the relationship between language and our sensory and physical experience of the world, and the role metaphor plays in my own facilitation and creative practice, and in the formation of language and articulation of abstract concepts. Coupled with this is my wonder about the significance of touch in both our understanding and discovery of the world. I will be making a presentation for the Dance & Somatic Practices Conference in July to share this investigation.

I am hoping to co-present and curate a series of events including performance or film, talks, discussion and engagement across the UK that investigates what it might mean “to be touched”.

Additionally ongoing ponderings with fellow makers Jonathan Burrows and Siobhan Davies continues to inform my research and raise more questions and include unpicking we what might consider political in our practice and how to articulate what is often unconsciously assumed or known.

– Rosemary Lee

20170412 - rosie blog _DSC5630-2.jpg

Calling Tree in Bloomsbury. Photo Ray Jacobs; performer Milton Lopes



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