sensing the city

Sensing the City is a new Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project that will undertake a series of site-specific studies of the city of Coventry through the media of dance, theatre, film, and visual art. This project will explore the relationship between arts practice and urban planning, contributing to future plans surrounding Coventry city’s bid to become UK City of Culture in 2021. Natalie Garrett Brown and Emma Meehan from C-DaRE will deliver the dance micro-project within Sensing the City. The aim is to explore the ways in which dance practitioners and the moving body offer spatial, haptic and affective understandings of the city landscape, as an evolving and dynamic landscape. Specifically, the project will use dance to engage with those that inhabit the city of Coventry and those that contribute to the public planning and social policy of the City. In taking this approach, the project recognises both the legacy of the past such as the post-war Modernist architecture common to the city alongside the current situation and future potential of Coventry for example the state of renewal and envisioning currently taking place in its bid for City of Culture. The micro-project will include practice-based research laboratories with site-based artists and researchers, and walking interviews and debates with practitioner researchers, local inhabitants, and local arts organisations and policy makers. This will result in podcasts, a symposium and exhibition at the Mead Gallery at University of Warwick, and a contribution to the project publication with a focus on how to create cities for communities of the 21st century.

Sensing the City: Documenting and Mapping the Tempers of Urban Place (a practice-based case-study of the city of Coventry):

  • Principal investigator: Dr Nicolas Whybrow, University of Warwick
  • Dance Micro-project: Dr Natalie Garrett Brown & Dr Emma Meehan, C-DaRE, Coventry University

20170419 - 20090426_enter_inhabit.jpg

Image: Christian Kipp; dancers: Amy Voris and Natalie Garrett Brown


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