home practice – emma meehan

As part of the Accumulations project, I’ve been invited by dance artist Amy Voris to contribute to a shrine to women’s work. She has asked: How does your familial and creative female lineage manifest in your own work / play? Hosting, sharing food, and creating social occasions for exchange have become interests in my work, and these were givens to my female predecessors. In my creative lineage, Irish choreographer Joan Davis and movement artist Sandra Reeve teach, perform and host creative events in their homesteads and gardens, where the sharing of food, conversation and creativity become central to the process. I am now calling this familial and creative lineage ‘home practice’. For the shrine to women’s work, I am assembling a picnic hamper of home-spun items including my great grandmother’s lace, a poem/letter from my mother, a home baked tea brack, and my ‘home practice’ movement/writing journal. I plan to host a gathering on 5th of August for colleagues, friends and family to visit the shrine and have tea with me, but it will also be open to the general public for the first two weeks of August: http://www.accumulationsproject.com

– Emma Meehan